About FreightPOP

FreightPOP is the best way to manage all your shipping and logistic functions - anytime and anywhere. We help shippers streamline their operation so that they can focus on growing their business.

Our Mission

Simplify and reduce the cost of shipping for manufacturers,  distributors, retailers, and 3PL's.

Our Story

The idea for FreightPOP was born out of frustration with our own shipping problems at Horizon Technology, a technology distributor that has been in business for 20 years. From using an outdated method of spreadsheets to manage shipping, and then switching to an enterprise TMS that didn’t work, there was no solution in the market to address the needs of the growing company.

 Horizon was tired of wasting time and money, and wanted to fix this problem by creating a better way to handle shipping and logistics for those that are also frustrated with enterprise TMS. Being a company who handles all their own shipping, Horizon understood the problems companies like them were facing and knew they could create a TMS that not only solved these issues but was easy to use. With a spirit of entrepreneurship and a talented team of developers, Horizon created “The Easy TMS, Built by Shippers, For Shippers." FreightPOP was created to be a better way to handle shipping for SMB’s (small/medium businesses). 

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