Feature Releases

Release Notes

As FreightPOP continues to grow, check back here for updates to new features

October 2018

USPS Endicia Updates

  • You can now choose what services you want FreightPOP to display for USPS Endicia. This can be configured in the carrier credential window.

International Air and Ocean Shipping updates

  • We have made updates to the rates and charges you can hold in FreightPOP for your Int’l Air and Ocean carriers. This allows you to also get rates for Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Port and Port to Door as well.

POD for all carriers

  • You can now get the POD document for all your carriers from within FreightPOP. Just go into your History window and click on the document icon on the POD column.

September 2018


USPS Shipping Multiple Packages

  • FreightPOP now allows you to rate and ship multiple packages with USPS under 1 shipment.

Manage NMFCs and Commodities

  • FreightPOP has provided a feature to manage and help auto populate NMFCs and Commodities. Ask your FreightPOP Rep for more details.

User Defined Carrier Tracking Updates modification

  • If you have user defined carriers or truckload carriers that FreightPOP currently sends tracking requests to, but you don’t want them to receive tracking requests, you can now set that as an option in the carrier credential window.


  • FreightPOP now allows you to see UPS GFP pricing to take advantage of their ground network to move heavier shipments. Ask you UPS Rep about UPS GFP.

USF Reddaway and USF Holland Interline

  • Knowing who the delivery carrier will be when using USF Reddaway and Holland is very important. With FreightPOP, you are now able to see who they will transfer the freight to when moving it outside of their network.

Truckload POS

  • FreightPOP now allows your Truckload carriers and other user defined carriers to upload POS and other documents when they update the tracking details.

April 2018

Order Management:

  • There are now new filters to use before you launch the report.
  • You can move columns around; this can be saved, so that the columns remain in the desired order.
  • There are new ways to filter within each column.
  • Updated changes to the interface provide a refreshed user experience.

Add Your Own Logo

In the company page of your FreightPOP account, you can upload your company logo.

This logo will appear on:

  • Packing Slips
  • Invoices

Customer shipment notifications that come from FreightPOP

Manage Your Customer's Freight Accounts

When shipping to your customer and they are paying the charges via collect or 3rd party, you can now save those account details in the account book in FreightPOP.

You can access this when shipping and selecting the recipient or 3rd party. You will see a blue button labeled “Accounts” in the account details window.

Expanded List of Truckload Accessorials

  • Debris Removal
  • Placement
  • Removal/ Disposal (Existing Features)
  • Blanket Wrap
  • Dollies Required
  • Straps Required
  • Decking Required
  • Ramps Required
  • Pallet Jack Required
  • Labor to Load 2 People
  • Labor to Unload 2 People

Customize Your Shipping Documents

From within your documents and labels tab of your company page, you can customize the message at the bottom of your packing slip and invoice.

Insert Dimensions into your BOL

You can now insert the dimensions of your shipments into your BOL

Print Parcel Return Labels

There is a checkbox in the SHIP FROM address form that you can now check off so our system can auto-generate a return label for you to include at the time of shipping

Changes to Canceling Shipments

We have added a safeguard so you don’t accidentally cancel a shipment that was processed. Before canceling a shipment, the system now asks you to enter the email of the user you are logged in as. This helps avoid mistakes and provides traceability of who canceled certain shipments.

New Carriers We Have Added:

  • Global Tranz
  • Holland

Clone Users

We have made it easier for you to create new users by cloning current ones and copying all of the settings from those current users.

Add External Shipments to Your In-Transit Report

Import or add any shipment not processed via FreightPOP to view in your in-transit report until its delivered.

February 2018

Quoting and Shipping Rules:
You can set up rules to apply during the quoting and shipping process. The rules can be set up at the user level in the user manager window. See the various rules you can set below:

Quote Window-

  • Auto Select Lowest QuoteThis restricts users to rate shop. The system chooses the lowest quote and takes them to the next window to schedule pickups if needed.
  • Auto Select Lowest Quote then ShipThis also restricts users to rate shop. The system chooses the lowest quote and skips the next window by processing the shipment as soon as it knows the lowest quote.
  • Provide Reason Code When NOT Selecting the Lowest Quote: This makes the user have to select a reason as to why they did not use the lowest quote carrier and service. After doing this they will go to the next window to schedule a pickup if needed.

Ship Window-

  • Set to one Click-N-Ship: This processes the shipments as soon as you select the carrier. It skips the window to schedule a pickup.

Weight Options:
You are now able to set the default for the weight in your quote and shipping screens. You can set it as per piece/ package or as a total for all the packages.

Inner Pieces:
You are now able to pass the inner pieces of a pallet to LTL carriers. If you always ship the same inner pieces, you can set defaults per user in the User Manager window.

Prompt user to enter PRO number:
In the company page, you can set a rule to ask the system to prompt the user to enter a PRO for carriers that do not provide them while processing the shipments.

This works great if you have books of PROs from carriers. Even if you only have it for a few carriers, turning on this option helps.

New Carriers added over the last few weeks:

  • LME
  • Worldwide Express (WWEX)

ERP and WMS you can now connect to in seconds:

  • Quick Books Enterprise, Premier, and PRO
  • Invetrak

December 2017

BOL has been redesigned: The BOL used when carriers don't provide their BOL's has been redesigned to make it easier to read and have a more appealing look.

We have added Dicom, Purolator and RR Donnelley to the list of parcel carriers we support.

Roadrunner now assigns PRO numbers directly from FreightPOP. In the past, Roadrunner did not provide PRO numbers at the time of shipping. Roadrunner provided PRO numbers can now be assigned upon processing of a shipment.

November 2017

Freight Invoice Audit: Users can now audit their freight invoices to ensure the carrier's are invoicing them correctly. Read more about that here.

New report- Carriers Spot Quotes Summary: This report provides information on spot quotes requested.

We have added UPS Supply Chain Solutions to the list of carriers that we support.

We have added The Customs Company to the list of LTL carriers that we support.

Added notes to shipper: User can have notes pop up at the time of processing a shipment based on customer name.

Added auto insert quote and pickup numbers to BOL: User now has an option for the quote number and pickup number to be auto printed on to the BOL.

Mass Pickup Scheduling: User can now schedule an unlimited number of shipment pickups to any carrier, all at once, with just three clicks.

YRC now assigns PRO directly from FreightPOP. In the past YRC did not provide PRO numbers at the time of shipping; YRC provided PRO number's can now be provided upon processing of a shipment.

October 2017

Messages and Alerts: FreightPOP released the message and alert center where users get notified of Spot Quote Requests responses, Pickup/Tender acceptance or declination, and alerts when shipments will be late or have issues in-transit. 

Added Old Dominion to the list of LTL carriers that we support.

September 2017

We have added AAA Cooper to the list of LTL carriers that we support.

Predefined Hazmat Contacts: User can now save Hazmat Contacts and numbers to choose from when a shipment is market as Hazmat.

Hazmat UN NA ID database: FreightPOP users no long need to know the UN NA ID number for their hazmat shipment. We have added a database they can use to look up and auto populate during the shipping process. 

New Report - Lowest Quote Shipping Compliance: Users can see reports on what shipments have not shipped with the lowest cost rate. The report also shows users who have neglected to choose the lowest rates available at the time of shipping.

Read more about this feature here.

Carriers with no tracking capability on their website can now tracking for their shipment using FreightPOP.

August 2017

Uploading preassigned PRO number: Users can now upload booklets of preassigned PRO numbers in case they don’t want the PRO that gets assigned by the carrier at the time of shipping.

Upgrade to International Ocean Freight Carrier Templates: Users can now use multiple types of rates provided by ocean carriers.

We have added R+L Carriers to the list of LTL carriers we support

We have added Daylight Transport to the list of LTL carriers we support

Default Notes to BOL: User can now have a list of predefined notes to choose from to add on BOLs.

Product Catalogs: User can now store and manage item information in FreightPOP. This will allow more information to auto populate into customs forms. 

Optional NMFC Field: Uses now have an option to use NFMC numbers on BOLs.

Vision Express now has a pick up API: All pickups for Vision express will go directly to their servers now without sending any emails. 

MySQL: We have integrated the first MySQL WMS into FreightPOP. Going forward any MySQL system can be integrated.

July 2017

We added Roadrunner Transports to the list of LTL carriers that we support.

June 2017

We added SpeeDee, TNT, and LSO to the list of parcel carriers that we support.