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Comprehensive Freight Management Solutions by FPXpress

FPXpress is your one-stop solution for all your freight management needs across the United States and Canada, including parcel services. Our state-of-the-art software and extensive network of over 150,000 carriers ensure efficient and reliable transportation, while our dedicated Freight Ops team provides expert guidance for your business.

Wide Range of Transportation Modes

Our multimodal freight management platform covers various transportation modes such as Specialized, Over-Dimensional, Refrigerated Warehousing, Final Mile, and Temperature Control Services, including Cold Storage. We are dedicated to providing seamless freight solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Unmatched On-Time Delivery Reputation

FPXpress takes pride in our industry-leading on-time delivery (OTD) rates, with 96% for Less-Than-Load shipments and 99% for Full Truckload shipments. Our commitment to punctuality ensures that your freight arrives safely and on schedule.

Expert Freight Ops Team at Your Service

Our Freight Ops team works as your personal consultants, collaborating with you to find the most effective and efficient strategies to manage your freight. We offer customized managed transportation solutions, including load tendering, performance analytics, and more.

Technology-Driven Freight Procurement Solutions

FPXpress leverages cutting-edge technology to optimize your freight procurement process. Our platform offers:

  •   Simplified pricing structures tailored to your freight
  •   Managed billing and identification of cost-saving opportunities
  •   Consistent and complete tracking visibility
  •   Dedicated transportation experts for best-in-class freight management


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