300+ one-click integrations link your logistics with the rest of your business


We offer a self-serve integration to your current business systems- in minutes! Typical integrations are extremely expensive and time-consuming, but with FreightPOP, integrations are a quick and seamless process.

FreightPOP works with more than 300 business tools you already use, to help you ship smarter, and work more productively, across all your business operations. Integrations allow FreightPOP to communicate with your internal business apps to promote cost and time-saving efficiency. We connect to systems that include:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)
  2. Warehouse Management System
  3. Inventory System
  4. Customer Relationship Management System
  5. Order System
  6. And more!

Once integrations are established, FreightPOP's bi-directional integration can automatically pull information from your systems and push data back to them.

FreightPOP Imports:

  • Order Numbers
  • PO Numbers
  • Ref. Numbers
  • Origin Information Details
  • Destination Information Details
  • Product Details
  • Shipment Details
  • Carrier Details
  • Other User-Defined Fields

FreightPOP Exports:

  • Tracking Information
  • Freight Charges
  • Shipment Details
  • Carrier Details
  • Other User defined fields in FreightPOP


Connect to your carriers - regardless of mode

Who do we connect to?

FreightPOP works with carriers across all modes, including Parcel, LTL, FTL, Air & Ocean (International or Domestic), and Intermodal. We are carrier agnostic and make no distinction between the carriers that you choose to ship through. Our goal is to reduce any friction between you and your carriers, and to provide you with the most efficient low-cost option.

How do you connect?

Simply use your carrier credentials to log in to your account when you're setting up in FreightPOP. Some carriers have different set-up processes, you can read about how to set yours up here or contact us to help you set up!

If are we not already connected with your carrier then we will work with you to enable it. If your carrier doesn't use an API, that's no problem either. You can manually upload your rate information to FreightPOP to begin shipping.

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