Supply Chain, Logistics, & Shipping

Features designed to help you handle  inbound and outbound freight, no matter the mode.

One-Click Logistics

FreightPOP can handle your inbound and outbound freight process, no matter the mode. Reducing the number of systems you use can make life easier for you and your team, reducing busywork and costs.

When you use FreightPOP for all your modes, you’ll be able to:

  • Use data from your order system to shop for rates, configure your shipment, and print documents, BOLs, and labels in one system that works with your existing hardware
  • Optimize your shipments at the box, pallet, truck and route level
  • Track all types of inbound and outbound shipments, including 3PL and multi-leg shipments
  • Analyze, audit, and report on your whole process to identify and eliminate root causes of extra charges





Tame the data beast

Fewer systems to use means less training and fewer mistakes. When you integrate your order management system, CRM, accounting or other business systems, you can eliminate double data entry and the wasted time and errors that come with it.

FreightPOP’s pre-integrated solutions include:

  • 1500+ Carriers (or add your own)
  • A wide range of order systems
  • CRM/Accounting platforms

Plus: FreightPOP’s API or custom dev work can connect to your other tools to make your process work just the way you want.

Get Proactive

If you’re ready to move from fire-fighting to making better business decisions, FreightPOP can help you identify many ways to plan ahead to reduce costs, increase accuracy, and look like a rock star.

  • Optimize your shipments’ box contents, pallet, and truck space utilization
  • Plan your day, week, and monthly shipments in the most efficient way
  • Identify the best carriers and negotiate rates with them
  • Plan the best worldwide routes including complex load pooling and zone skipping techniques





Easy to Use

FreightPOPs system is easy for both users and administrators. With just one login to access all your modes and carriers, plan, ship, and track shipments and more, your team will wonder what to do with all that leftover time. Training is a snap, so your team will be happy to learn a new, easier way of doing things.


  • Connects in seconds to your top carriers
  • Business rules can prevent costly errors
  • Bi-directional integration means less boring data entry
  • Modern user interface
  • Multiple training options, and personalized onboarding
  • Unlimited users with granular user permissions - get everyone on the same page, with only the data they need

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