Frequently Asked Questions


We’re a simple web based solution for a traditionally complicated and expensive business necessity. From the ground up, we’re built by shippers with the goal of delivering a TMS solution that provides ease of use while bringing savings of up to 10 – 30% on freight.

A TMS (Transportation Management Software) is used to manage the shipping and logistics within a company, it enables companies to move shipments from the origin to destination cost effectively and efficiently. 

Centralized tracking allows you to see all your shipments in transit within a single window and get updated tracking details on any individual shipments from any carrier. Read more about it here.

Freight rate shopping is when you compare carrier rates or quotes side by side. You can read an in-depth explain of rate shopping here.

Phone, email, or through our chat box all work great! You can also see our contact information here.

Pricing & Trial

We accept credit cards, company check, and ACH payments.

No, when you begin the free trial we do not ask for your subscription payment until after your free trial is over.

If you exceed your maximum shipments for the month, you will be billed the monthly amount that correlates to your volume that month.

Although our plans are priced monthly, we do allow users to pay annually up-front at a discounted price.

Nope! Our subscription is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time unless you sign up for the annual plan. 


You can set up your account in under one minute and enjoy the benefits of FreightPOP immediately!

When you freight rate shop or get a quote in FreightPOP you automatically get your discounted rates.

To add a carrier, you may need to enter your account number, user name, password, and for some carriers, additional information. Each carrier is different, our app will guide you through the process. In most cases, it takes under 60 seconds to add the credentials.

If you don’t have accounts with any carriers, you will still be able to see what other FreightPOP customers are paying for the same shipment with several carriers. From our app, you can click on those carriers to open an account and enjoy the similar savings.

If your carrier is not linked to our system, we can add them or you can upload the rates they provide. You will see the rates when you freight shop or get a rate quote.

Yes, you can process a shipment directly from FreightPOP. Once processed, the system will allow you to print the shipping label or BOL the carrier would normally give you.

There are instances when carriers make errors in invoicing and may not invoice you at the rate provided when the shipment was processed. Our system will help catch any discrepancies. On average, customers find about 8 – 17% savings through freight invoice auditing.

Yes, FreightPOP can integrate with most major systems. Call us or message us on chat to check if it integrates with your system.

Definitely. All your information and data is stored in secure databases that nobody can enter into, not even us! For more information on privacy and security, please visit here.

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