FreightPOP Analytics: Optimize freight spend and identify waste

Intelligent logistics data to help you understand the past and plan for the future

Past, Present and Future

Big Data Meets Logistics Experience

FreightPOP Analytics, our new advanced business intelligence and reporting tool, is built by shippers for shippers. We've combined artificial intelligence with the industry's best practices and a consultative approach to help you optimize your supply chain and create your perfect data pipeline.

Our new analytics engine is completely configurable, so you can see your data your way. Access visual representations of your warehouse activities, share reports based on your custom rules or drill down into the details ad hoc.

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Descriptive Analytics

What happened with your carriers, loads, and more?

Which carriers, routes, and rates were most common? Which employees had the most non-compliant shipments? Which cost saving moves paid off and which didn’t?

With FreightPOP, you’ll wonder no longer. With our flexible reporting you’ll be able to generate dozens of reports that were created with industry best practices in mind. Or, create your own to meet your company’s specific reporting needs. 

Standard reports include:

  • Carrier lane data (multi-mode)
  • Spend by carrier and mode
  • Quote/invoice discrepancies
  • Shipping rate compliance
  • And more!

Dashboard visualizations for your team

FreightPOP Analytics comes equipped with dashboard visualizations, allowing you to Quickly dive into rich, interactive data visualizations that are strong enough for a data analyst, but approachable enough for anyone.

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Diagnostic Analytics

Avoid expensive errors next time

The purpose of analytics is to make better decisions. That means we need to know more than what did happen, we need to know WHY it happened so we can avoid the same mistakes in the future.

With FreightPOP you can identify and close gaps like misquoted or shipped products, and correct them all in the same place to avoid the same mistakes in the future. 

Get a pulse on important metrics

Set automatic notification rules for the metrics that matter most for your business - shipment volume, cost per mile, or anything else your team needs to keep an eye on. You choose the data you want to see.




Predictive Analytics

What will happen next time?

Use FreightPOP’s what-if scenarios to forecast your expenses and requirements for the next quarter or year. By understanding the trends, you can make adjustments that could save you thousands.

Learn more about reporting in our guide to tracking and reporting


Prescriptive Analytics

Industry best practices baked in

FreightPOP’s industry relationships and experience with hundreds of companies like yours helps us build logistics best practices right into the system. Our recommendation engine can even help you identify opportunities that can streamline your operations even further.

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