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Save with your rates, our rates, or marketplace rates

Carrier Rate Shopping

Expedia-like multi-carrier shopping for all modes

Shipping rates are too volatile to rely on one carrier or broker, but shopping carriers one by one on their website or phone is time consuming. Now you can get rates from over 300 carriers in one convenient location.

FreightPOP’s rate shopping dashboard pulls your negotiated rates, our negotiated rates, and marketplace rates into one convenient window. Simply fill in the shipment information or automatically pull it from your ERP or CRM using our robust integrations. Each shipment can save up to 5 minutes and an average of 10% on the rate quote.

  • Compare rates for an unlimited amount of shipments
  • Email quoted rates to your team directly from the app
  • Save a quote and come back later to process the shipment

Save on Spot Quotes

Grab great deals while they last

Spot quotes are usually a one-time offer with an expiration date. Spot quotes can change quickly, day by day, and even hour by hour. 

Streamline the process to get timely quotes and secure them quickly.

Negotiate spot quotes better by:

  • Cross compare spot quotes rates against negotiated rates and carriers
  • Integrate carrier websites and emails into one platform 
  • Contact multiple carriers in a single action
  • Bring all carrier responses and bids into one platform, with side-by-side comparisons for your review
  • Enable real-time acceptance and response to carriers





More accurate quotes

Rate quotes for real-life shipping

Accessorial charges and other fees can hike up rate quotes you were promised. With FreightPOP, all associated fees and charges are included, so you know what you’ll pay. You can optimize the quote based on the order's dimensions, weight, or special considerations like hazardous contents. Have confidence knowing you’re getting the best deal for every shipment.


Preferred Partner Rates

Save even more with our negotiated carrier rates

FreightPOP has entered into relationships with some of the world’s largest shippers to offer negotiated rates to our customers. You could be saving up to 45% on shipping spend! These rates can be seen side-by-side with your own rates, so you can choose the best rates and delivery dates available for your needs.


See how it works

Carrier Rate Shopping is easier than ever with FreightPOP.

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