Logistics Planning and Optimizations

Proactively manage your supply chain to save even more money and time

Advance Freight logistics planning

Look ahead for cost savings

If you find yourself remembering a day too late that your supplier needs a new purchase order, or your customer’s load dock is closed on Saturdays, you already know that reacting in the moment wastes money and time.   

Creating a plan for each load, supplier, or customer can save you thousands, and it doesn’t have to be painful. Planning ahead can be automated, saving you the headache of remembering details, and the bandwidth to follow up on them with your team.

FreightPOP’s integrated freight planning features allow you to capture all the nitty gritty of your products and loads, customers and suppliers, purchase orders and projects, all in one place.

Logistics Planning and Optimization Features

SmartPOOL Distribution

Consolidate freight and parcel loads to save even more

Automate freight pool distribution for LTL and parcel as part of your cost reduction strategy. With FreightPOP SmartPOOL distribution, you can optimize multiple connected intermediate points with just a few clicks. FreightPOP puts the options of shipping directly to consolidation centers or transporting consolidated loads to distribution centers at your fingertips.





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Product and Package Management

Maintain product specs to increase efficiency

Maintain your product master details such as weight, dimensions, and other product specifics. By storing this detail at the product level you can create optimized pallets and trucks and find the best shipping rates in seconds.

Sales Order Management

Improve your customer experience

Seamlessly pull sales orders from your CRM or order management platform to streamline your outbound shipping process. Sync back to the CRM to allow your service team or online platform supply real-time status updates and delight your customers!






Purchase Order Management

Keep your systems and vendors in sync

Seamlessly pull PO data into your TMS to stream your inbound shipping process. Connecting your vendors in a central solution to streamline processes and provide real-time visibility to internal customers.

Services Management

Get your margins in check

Do you understand the fully loaded costs of your raw materials or finished goods? FreightPOP offers a holistic view of all the costs associated with your shipping process. Manage beyond traditional shipment-related charges and improve your profit margin by having a complete view of your total landed costs.






Load Optimization

Make the most of your precious cargo space

FreightPOP helps you operate even more efficiently and cost-effectively by building load plans for truck, trailer, sea containers, and pallets. Quickly verify free and occupied load space to find the best configuration for your shipment. 

project management tool


Project Management

Be a finance hero

Combine multiple services into high-level projects to track movements, cost, and project completion for all transportation line items. 

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