Ship LTL, Truckload, Parcel, Ocean, & Air in One Click

Quickly and easily manage parcel, LTL, FTL, and International shipments

Combine Transport Shipping

Manage Parcel, LTL, FTL and International in one system

If your goods need to be shipped with at least two different modes of transportation, it can be a hassle in other systems. But not with FreightPOP! Simply enter your shipment details and choose your modes, or let FreightPOP suggest your best options for automated multi-leg shipping.

Door to Door

Ship domestically via Parcel, FTL or Truckload

Door to Port

Consolidate your shipments for export

Port to Port

FreightPOP handles International freight seamlessly

Port to Door

Import goods or raw materials and track them all the way in

Automate Shipping Processes

Create and print documents and more

No more entering data in multiple systems, or handwriting instructions. With FreightPOP, all the documents and details are kept together with your shipment.

  • Automatically print labels, invoices, and BOLS
  • Simplify return shipments
  • Create rules to help business users follow corporate policy 
  • Attach documents
  • Create HAZMAT shipping support documents
  • Autopopulate NMFCs and commodities





Integrate Efficiency

Integrate your shipping software with your other business systems

FreightPOP connects to the business critical software you already use. More than 300 pre-integrated solutions for:

  • ERP
  • WMS
  • Inventory systems
  • CRM

Because FreightPOP has a bi-directional sync, shipment data like tracking information, costs, shipment details and other relevant data are also RETURNED to your business systems. Customer service, accounting, and other teams will have real-time accurate data without data entry to better serve customers and create efficiencies.

Batch Shipping

Hundreds or thousands of shipments in minutes

If you’re sending shipments all over the world, batch shipping could save you money and time. Simply upload your address list and your shipment details and you’ll find the lowest cost options available. Then complete your batch shipment with a single click.





Package and Pallet Optimization

Automate recommendations for package and pallet efficiency

Now you can find the best way to organize pallets or truck loads.

The FreightPOP system understands your product master and your associated shipping materials like boxes and pallets. Once you enter your shipment’s dimensions and weight, FreightPOP's automated calculator will tell you exactly how best to arrange them to get the best rates. Besides saving money, your team realizes additional benefits:

  • Your Warehouse team has the best instructions for efficient packing
  • Quotes are more accurate - consistency in cost from quote to ship
  • Helps normalize your ordering process if you don’t have a WMS or ERP
  • Speeds scanning and approving of multiple items in an overall shipment
  • Reduced freight penalties and labor to correct shipping errors

Auto Dispatch

Automate your shipping process without giving up control

Auto Dispatching is our AI-powered dispatching tool that streamlines your shipping process, while still allowing you to utilize your preferred routes, carriers, and pricing.

  • Built for both domestic and multi-stop international shipments
  • Can assess and account for accessorials
  • Shipping mode optimization
    • Shipping two pallets would normally be an LTL shipment, but Auto Dispatch AI can assess the weight factors and find cheaper solutions using FTL, based on weight or fuel
  • Customizable to run for  all open orders or a subset based on specific reference fields 



Print BOLs and Labels

Customize your BOLs, SLIs, AWBs  and International Documentation

No Double Data Entry

Integrated order management means less typing for you!

Supports Any Shipment

Hazmat, oversized, whatever you've got, FreightPOP can handle it.