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What Manufacturing Executives Need to Know About Freight Amid a Recession

Whether or not you believe a full-on recession is coming, your manufacturing business is experiencing increasing costs that are creating a sea change across your enterprise. Common themes abound - how to offload excess inventory, relocating manufacturing hubs, and experimenting with distribution strategies.

But the work you do to streamline your operations and reduce costs throughout your supply chain not only will get you through any downturn, but will positively impact your business going forward.

Join our fireside chat with Christian Mannino, Director of Logistics from Kyocera, Brad McBride FreightOptics CEO, and our own CEO Kurt Johnson as they discuss the realities of tightening processes and reducing costs in the supply chain.

Moderated by FreightPOP CRO Justin Dickson.


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Christian Mannino has served in various leadership roles in both in-house and third-party logistics environments. His operations experience spans across multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, industrial MRO supply, and electronics. Over the past 12 years, Christian has made a career of being the change agent for companies looking for a fresh set of eyes to identify areas of opportunity to modernize their existing fulfillment operation and challenge the status quo.
Christian Mannino
Director, Logistics, Kyocera
After many years of experience in high-level sales and operations roles in the logistics industry, Brad McBride was determined to make an impact on traditional industry practices and provide considerable savings for businesses. Brad launched FreightOptics as a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform for viewing, auditing and optimizing all modes of transportation. Brad is passionate about helping companies achieve supply chain savings and create efficiencies, and is well-known within the industry for his commitment to getting results.
Brad McBride
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CEO and Founder of FreightPOP, Kurt is a true entrepreneur. After founding a total of six companies, FreightPOP grew from the needs of Kurt's successful distributor Horizon Technology. Kurt is an inspiration to the team as well as the startup community.
Kurt Johnson
CEO, FreightPOP

hosted by FreightPOP's CRO

justin dickson

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Justin has more than 20 years of sales leadership experience, with a focus on growing bookings in software, services, and recurring revenue. He leads sales, strategic partnerships, and other go-to-market activities. Justin's extensive experience in sales and executive leadership make him a great asset to our team!
Justin Dickson
FreightPOP CRO

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