Carrier rate shopping can be a bit of a hustle. Here's what you can do to ensure your company gets the best shipping rates:

  • Use a multi-carrier rating system, so you can view all your shipping rates across your carriers in one place.  
  • Shop spot quotes
  • Shop your TMS's partner rates
  • Consolidate your batch shipping

Use this RFP Template to shop for your own rates and save up to 30% on shipping and freight!

Boost Productivity With Multi-carrier Rate Shopping

Always choose the right carrier at the lowest cost. Stop wasting time by going to each carrier's website or phone-line, boost your productivity with instant rate shopping.

Get rates from all your carriers in one convenient location. The Rate Shopping dashboard pulls your negotiated rates into one

window - all you have to do is fill in the shipment information, or automatically pull from your ERP system using our robust integrations. Each shipment can save up to 5 minutes and an average of 10% on the rate quote.

  • Compare rates for an unlimited amount of shipments
  • Email quoted rates to your team, directly from the app


  • Save a quote and come back later to process the shipment

4 Tips on Negotiating Shipping Rates

Freight and Shipping Rate RFP Template

Save on Spot Quotes

Spot Quote Headaches

  >  Reach out to multiple carriers through email or website with load specs 
  >  Sift through multiple response emails to find the best rate
  >  Email the best rate to accept the bid
  >  Hear back hours later indicating the truck is no longer available
  >  Reach out to the second, third, & fourth best rates emailed earlier to see if quotes are still valid

Spot quotes - those last minute, on-the-fly deals made between a carrier and a shipper - are rates that are usually a one-time offer with an expiration date. Spot quotes can change quickly, from day by day, and even hour by hour. 

Due to the back-and-forth nature of spot quotes, using our TMS to streamline this process helps assure you’ll get timely quotes and be able to secure them quickly.

Our TMS lets you negotiate spot quotes better by:

  • Integrating carrier websites and emails into one platform 
  • Enabling you to contact multiple carriers in one single action
  • Bringing all carrier responses and bids into one platform, with comparisons side-by-side for your review
  • Enabling real-time acceptance and response to carriers

    3 Tips to get the best spot quotes
    Spot Quotes and Your Freight

FreightPOP’s Preferred Partner Rates

FreightPOP has entered into a relationship with one of the world’s largest parcel shippers to offer negotiated rates to its customers, saving up to 45% on shipping spend. These rates can be seen alongside the customers’ own rates, so they can choose the best rates and delivery dates available for their needs.

Ship Efficiently

From getting rates to processing your shipment takes only seconds. FreightPOP gives you the flexibility to use more than one of the same carrier accounts within the app. You also have the ability to ship on your customers’ carrier accounts within the shipping dashboard. 

Ship whatever your heart desires

Whether it's parcel, LTL, FTL, or intermodal ( Air & Ocean, Rail, etc), FreightPOP can pull the strings for you and get your shipments out the door. By processing your shipments through FreightPOP, we automatically communicate with the carriers to get your shipments dispatched.

In the shipping dashboard - simplicity is king

FreightPOP enables you to be more productive and efficient than ever before. The shipping dashboard is designed to process shipments with speed and accuracy, while also allowing you to have control over minute details in your freight.

Within the shipment dashboard in FreightPOP, you can:

  • Select To/From Addresses
  • Specify freight class and other information
  • Add accessorials with ease
  • Rate shop or choose your carrier
  • Schedule your pickup date & time
  • Confirm or save later

Batch Shipping

For those of you who ship hundreds or even thousands of shipments at a time, batch shipping is exactly what you need.

Process large quantities of shipments in minutes, not hours. Save on hundreds of man-hours, all while FreightPOP helps you determine the lowest cost shipping option.

If you want to learn how you can save up to 15% on shipping, contact us for a complete rate analysis!