Reporting & Analytics

Optimize your freight spend and identify waste

Analyze your freight spend

Analyze your spend
  • Report on how efficiently you are shipping at the lowest possible cost.
  • View overall freight spend across all your carriers and modes.
  • Optimize your spending strategy with useful reports such as lane analysis.

Analyze your carriers

Analyze your carriers
Learn more about how your shipping spend is distributed across your carriers. Evaluate data from your modes or lanes.
Break down information for your shipments and compare it against historical data.
Reports generate instantly and can easily be shared throughout your team.

View historical data

  • See historical data of all your shipping. Smart lookup any shipments and use that information to inform future shipping strategy.
  • When looking at history reports, customize your table so your most important data is shown first. Quickly move columns and save preferences across reports.
  • Add filters and conditional statements to get the most out of your history report, or export to excel and work with all your data there.

Audit your invoices

  • Save an average of 15% by finding errors in carrier invoicing. Automated invoice reporting does the leg-work of auditing, so that you can focus on shipping.
  • Examine your invoices for rating errors, duplicate charges, incorrect weight and accessorial fees, and incorrect freight classifications.
  • Skip the auditor. Do it yourself with the easy auditing available in FreightPOP. 



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